ETM9800 Modem Support

ETM9800 is a serial modem used for automated metering, SMS and generl serial communications applications.

ETM9800-1 is a 3G/2G device.

The module inside this modem, Siemens/Cinterion HC25 is not capable of storing an active profile, as such a small external processor sets the unit up at startup, this processor needs configuration with the appropriate settings. As such programing of the modem is via the use of a configuration tool, it is important to ensure you have the correct version.

From this page you can download versions of the configuration tool that were applicable to the ETM9800 modem  – BUT BEFORE WRITING any configuration change to a modem use the instructions within the attached Quick Start Guide to ensure you are using the correct version. If you do not have the correct version either download the correct version or contact ETM Pacific.

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