ETM9400-1 and ETM9350-1 Documentation

ETM9400-1 and ETM9350-1 are serial modems for automated meter reading, SMS or serial comms applications.

ETM9350-1 is a 2G only device

ETM9400-1 is a 3G/2G device

These units have the abilty to have an active profile saved, successful comms via these products depends on the settings, such as for flow control, echo ON/OFF etc being correct – for more information on these product refer the Quick Start Guide and/or the AT command list for the module inside the unit.

The ETM9400-1 uses the Cinterion EU3-P wireless module

The ETM9350-1 uses the Cinterion TC63i wireless module

The Term42 program is a terminal window that can be used for testing and/or making settings to the unit.

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