ETM770 – Cat M1 NB-IoT Cellular Network Scanning / Monitoring Tool

ETM770 4G 3G Cellular Signal Strength Meter

Measure & Record LPWAN CATM1 & NB-IoT Signal Strength, Quality + Other Parameters

ETM manufacture a range of battery powered hand held tools for monitoring key parameters of any cellular network. Supporting  LPWAN CATM1 & NB-IoT. Versions for all geographic locations.

By measuring parameters like signal strength, base station, cell information, the ideal operator and antenna configuration can be selected.

Information can be logged to ETM Hosted IoT Web Platform for storage or further analysis.

Typical Applications:

*Check signal availability for a potential or existing installation

*Determine the best operator for a particular location

*Optimize Antenna types

*Optimize Antenna location

*Cloud Connectivity for Data Logging & Paper Trail

*Integrates with API Server l

Key Features:

*Supports 4Gx LTE Band 28, 700Mhz & Band 5, 850Mhz, LP-WAN Cat-M1 & NB-IoT

*Send Data to Cloud Apps – Integrates with AWS

*Integrates with ETM EWO Cloud Monitoring Service

*Stores Multiple APN’s

*Supports Roaming SIM’s

*API Support for 3rd Party

*Battery Powered, Charge via USB

*LCD Screen

*SMA Connection

Additional Information

The ETM770 is a handheld battery powered device with LCD screen showing signal strength as well as associated network data. To function correctly the unit requires a suitable SIM to be fitted, and should be connected to the intended antenna(s). Antenna connection is via SMA Jack connector(s), an SMA to FME adaptor is provided. Also included with the kit is a car charger and a USB cable for charging/programming.

Antenna Connectors

4G/3G units (ETM770-4) come with two antenna connectors, a main antenna and secondary or diversity antenna. If testing with one antenna only, ensure that this antenna is connected to the Main antenna connector. ETM770-4 4G 3G cellular signal strength meter also requires the APN and possibly username/password to be set correctly for the SIM being used.

IP Check

In addition to scanning signal strength the unit can be used to ping an IP address (network permitting) to confirm that the connection is suitable for IP traffic.

Configuration Tool

A configuration tool is available for the unit and can be used to log signal information if required. In addition ETM to our EWO Web Service.


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  • 3G & 4G Cellular Signal Strength Meter
  • Handheld Battery Operated
  • SMA Jack with FME Adaptor
  • LCD Screen
  • USB interface
  • Car Charger and USB Cable Provided

Typical applications:

  • Checking 4G & 3G Signal Coverage
  • Selecting the best Antenna
  • Optimising Antenna Placement
  • ETM770-4
  • ETM770-3
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  • 4G 3G Unit
  • 3G 2G Unit