ETM Purple2 4G Industrial Serial Modem – Telstra 4GX Approved

LTE 4G 3G Industrial Serial Modems

ETM Purple2 – 4G AUS Industrial Serial Modem

The ETM Purple2 4G AUS modem is an intelligent 4G industrial serial modem based on the firmware and hardware platform of the ETM line of terminals that is widely used in the utility industry.

Designed for Automated Metering

The ETM Purple product family is designed for use with a variety of energy meters in order to provide a robust communication channel for meter data to back office systems. The Purple modem has a compact design and will fit inside the most common electrical meters present on the market.

Telstra™ Approved

With 700MHz Band 28 the ETM Purple2 4G AUS is approved for use by Telstra™ on their 4GX network, and will also work with Optus’s 4G Plus network.


The unit has a single 8 -Pin RJ45 connetor for serial and power, a USB connection that can be used for debugging/status informationwhen operating in JET mode, or as a serial connection. Two antenna connections, FME M on 110mm (approx.) cable are provided for a main and diversity antenna.

EWO Web Office

With the ETM WEB Office (EWO) support, parameters like signal strength, GSM base station, cell, temperatures etc. can be remotely monitored via a powerful WEB based interface.

JET Code – Intelligent Operation

The ETM Purple2 4G industrial serial modem can have JET code loaded which provides functionality such as; Threaded Tunnel, Serial to Server, TCP Server, and status logging. These functions can make the unit an ideal communications solution for legacy serial equipment and or applications that might have used CSD (circuit switched data).


Units that allow for RS485/422 communication can be made available depending on quantities required.

Last Gasp – Power Failure Alarming

Special versions of the unit are available that can provide power failure alarms (“last gasp”) by utilizing super capacitors to allow sending of an alarm after a power failure.

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  • 4G/3G Serial Modem
  • Telstra 4GX Approved
  • 5 to 35VDC Power Input
  • Small Size 72x52x23 mm
  • 700MHz Band 28

Typical applications:

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Comms Link for Data Loggers
  • SMS Modem
  • ETM Purple2 4G AUS
ETM Item / Order Number
  • ETM29001M03


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