ETM Green – Battery Powered Cellular Data Logger 2g/3g


ETM  Green – Battery Powered Cellular Data Logger 2g/3g

ETM Green battery powered cellular data logger is suitable for measurement and control where no power supply or line of communication is available.

ETM Green is delivered with SIM-card and subscription. Just plug the included battery and log in with a internet-connected computer from any location to access the collected readings.

2 preconfigured M12 contacts with the following connections

2 digital inputs/outputs (requires driver) and pulse measurement

1 analogue 4-20mA input

1 analogue 0-2,5 V input

1 0-5 V input

1 analogue 0-10V input

1 5 V (stabilized) or battery voltage (10,8 V) output (for sensor measurement)

EWO – Access Data over the Internet

ETM Green units can be set to send logged data and alarms to ETM’s EWO service, alternatively data can be sent by SMS, as alarm or upon request, or in text format to a server/port of your choice – no proprietry code used.

Configurable Sleep Time

Units can be configured to wake up once per day, or as set from 5 to 1440 minutes. As such the wake up schedule can be tailored to suit the required frequency of update and desired battery life.

M12 Connectors

ETM Green battery powered cellular data loggers include 2 x 5-pin M12 connectors for IO connection each with switched sensor power supply.

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  • More than 3 years battery time
  • Suitable for outdoor environments
  • Integrated 2G/3G system
  • Configured for the most common sensor types
  • Easy access of logged readings via Web Interface
  • elivery with battery, SIM card, antenna and M12 connector for sensor wiring

Typical applications:

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Water Level Monitoring
  • Pulse Counting/Metering
  • SMS Alarm
  • ETM Green 3G