Cinterion EHS6T 3G Serial Modem

EHS6T 3G Serial Modem

Cinterion EHS6T 3G Serial Modem

The Cinterion EHS6T 3G Serial Modem is an industrial cellular modem designed for demanding M2M applications such as automatic meter reading, SMS messaging, or a communications link for data loggers and associated monitoring equipment.


The unit is fitted with a DB9 RS232 serial port, a 6-pin RJ12 input for power and a USB-B connection that can also be used for serial communications. Power input can be 8 to 30VDC. Antenna connector is FME M.

Frequency Bands

The EHS6T supports 5 frequency bands for 3G/UMTS / HSPA+ and 4 frequency bands for 2G/GPRS making it suitable for use across Australia and around the world.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Internally the EHS6T Industrial 3G Serial Modem is fitted with the Cinteron EHS6 Cellular Wireless module from Gemalto, the EHS6 is an industrial grade module making the product suitable for operation from -30 to 65°C.


The EHS6T can be used to send SMS messages, from a server or PLC, by using the units AT interface in either Text or PDU mode, Text mode being most common.


TCP/IP stack access is via AT commands


The unit support CSD (Circuit Switched Data) commonly used for remote access to legacy equipment.

Java™ Embedded

Java offers easy and fast application development, a broad choice of tools, high code reusability, easy maintenance, a proven security concept, on-device debugging as well as multi-threading programming and program execution

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  • Penta-Band 3G Quad-Band 2G
  • RS232 Serial
  • USB
  • Java Embedded

Typical applications:

  • SMS Sending
  • Comms Link for M2M Devices
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  • RS232 and USB
  • RS232 and Ethernet


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