ETM Pacific Pty Ltd

ETM Pacific Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ETM Matteknik AB of Sweden, was founded in 1995 and is a provider of “machine to machine” (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) products and services as well as a supplier of data loggers, sensors and accessories.

Since 1997 ETM has concentrated on developing market leading 2G, 3G and 4G cellular M2M products and is a leading supplier of wireless modems for smart metering applications. Other key markets serviced by ETM include; security, water and sewage, transport, environmental monitoring, building and industrial automation and agriculture.

ETM latest smart metering modem, ETM Purple2 4G AUS, has recently gained Telstra approval and been chosen by key metering industry players for large scale smart metering deployments.

Technical know how and capacity

ETM Pacific Pty Ltd has an ongoing and close relationship with Gemalto M2M GmbH (formally Siemens Wireless Modules), using Gemalto’s modules as the key component throughout our range of cellular terminals since 1997. ETM is also the Australian distributor for Digi Cellular Routers and RF Modems and maintains local technical support for both product ranges that require a complementary skill set.

Design and development of ETM’s modems and intelligent terminals occurs in Sweden, with testing occurring in both Sweden, India and Australia. ETM has adapted their cellular terminals for data logging, remote metering, control, and SMS alarm applications. To date the ETM group has manufactured and shipped more than a quarter of a million cellular communication devices to customers across the globe.

ETM’s new ETM-Purple modem with a powerful processor, real time operating software and power failure detection based on super capacitor technology is a very flexible, cost effective and robust solution for automated metering and other demanding M2M applications.

The company also provides device management and automated data logging services via a WEB based back office system called ETM Web Office (EWO). ETM’s range of intelligent modems are capable of sending cellular network quality of service data, together with logged values from unit IO’s to EWO for visualization or integration to a customer’s Scada system.


ETM Pacific has supplied products and solutions to many well known private companies and government departments including.