Cinterion Connect Shield

Cinterion Connect Shield The Cinterion Connect Shield is an easy-to-use board that combines the flexible and widely used Arduino open source platform with Gemalto’s reliable and highly efficient cellular connectivity. Designed for professional developers, inventors and tinkerers alike, the shield is a powerful tool to simplify hardware and software integration and quickly transform ideas into

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DIGI XLR PRO™ Australian Unit Ready to Order

The Australian approved version of the Digi XLR PRO™ Long Range 900MHz modem is now available for order. The Digi XLR PRO™ is a 900 MHz radio that offers reliable industrial grade wireless communications for serial and Ethernet devices over long distances. Digi’s patented Punch2™ technology enables the Digi XLR PRO™ to achieve ranges from

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Cold Chain Monitoring

Elpro Libero PDF Data Loggers make monitoring temperature simple, whether for a transport application or a fridge or freezer in a warehouse, office or laboratory. Models include: – Libero CB single use – Libero Ti1 multi-use – Libero Ti1-D (-90oC – 70oC) for dry ice – Libero THi1 multi-use temperature & RH – and more… Libero

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