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WR21 Digi Transport Family Router

1 or 2 Port 3G or 4G / LTE Industrial Ethernet Router

Digi TransPort WR21 is a full-featured cellular router offering the flexibility to scale from basic connectivity applications to enterprise class routing and security solutions. With 3G or 4G / LTE options a Digi TransPort WR21 model router is an ideal M2M router for use on cellular networks across Australia.

Digi TransPort WR21 is available in both standard routing and enterprise configurations. The standard version offers basic routing, NAT and security, while the enterprise version adds advanced routing, security/VPN and stateful firewall. Advanced features allow the Digi TransPort WR21 to be used as a component of a PCI compliant network.

Digi management solutions provide easy setup, configuration and maintenance of large installations of remote Digi TransPort devices. Device Manager offers web-based device management for remote Digi cellular routers and gateways. Also available is the windows based Digi Remote Manager™ for customer installed device management and reporting.

Flexible power and connectivity options, along with extended temperature ranges make Digi TransPort WR21 a versatile product for both commercial and industrial environments, applications include:
 - Security

 - Metering

 - Mining

 - POS

 - Digital Signage

 - Energy and environmental monitoring

WR21 Digi Transport Family Router
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