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Water Metering

ETM Pacific Pty Ltd is able to offer a number of solutions for water metering applications, from simple event data loggers through to full automated metering solutions using GPRS/UMTS communications and/or telemetry systems with short range radio.

Possible Solutions


Comparison Table
SolutionTypeAutomated Metering Possible

No of Pulse Inputs

Maximum Pulse Rate

Data Logger

(data can be downloaded to PC using suitable Interface)

ETM Intelligent Modems

ETM's Intelligent Modems (ETM9560-1, ETM9660, ETM9900-1) can count and log pulses and forward this data to a Server to make automated metering solutions possible


ETM9900-1: 2 (3 if using mains not battery power)

ETM9560-1: 1

ETM9660: 7

90 HzNo


Complete automated monitoring solution with web and email access to data

 Yes >50090 Hz No
Eltek GenII Radion Data Logging System

Eltek GenII Radio Loggers

Multiple meters (up to 250) can be logged and the data transmitted to a central logger via radio interface

Yes250250 HzYes from central logger unit
Hobo Pendant Data Logger

Hobo UA-003-64 Pendant Logger

Low cost Event logger, will time stamp each pulse, maxium 16000 pulses

No11 HzYes
Hobo Microstation LoggerHobo H21-002 Microstation LoggerNo4120 HzYes