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SMS Alarm and Control Solutions

2G GSM/GPRS or 3G/NextG UMTS/HSPA+ products can be used in conjunction with various microprocessors or PLC's to send SMS alarms or recieve commands via SMS in this case the microprocessor or PLC generates the SMS messages by sending AT commands to the modem. Alternatively ETM Pacific makes a range of intelligent terminals with I/O's that can generate SMS (or IP) alarms from digital or analogue inputs and can control outputs upon recieving commands via SMS (or IP).

Typical Applications Include;

 - Monitoring doors, gates or other openings using reed switches

 - Monitoring levels in tanks, dams, bore holes or rivers and SMS alarm a low or high level is breached

 - Monitoring temperature in cool rooms or refrigeration systems and sending alarms when temperature setpoints are exceeded

 - Monitoring power supply and sending SMS alarms when power is lost

 - Controlling Irrigation systems using SMS

 - Controlling lighting systems using SMS

 - Detecting mains power failures

Possible Solutions

SMS Alarm & Control Solutions


Stand Alone SMS

No. of I/O


3G/NextG UMTS/HSDPA NextG Modem

No, AT Command DrivenN/A
ETM9140-13G/NextG UMTS/HSDPA NextG Intelligent ModemYes7
ETM Green IP65 Packaged 3G/NextG UMTS/HSDPA NextG Intelligent ModemYes6
IMSE Webmaster ProIMSE Webmaster Controller in Conjunction with ETM 3G Modem Yes40