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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

ETM Pacific can supply products for the HVAC&R industry which can e used for commissioning validation, troubleshooting, performance verification and maximising operational efficiency, typical products and applications include;

 - Climacheck Refrigeration System Performance Analyser

 - Temperature, humidity, motor ON/OFF and pressure data loggers

 - AC current, kW or kWhr data loggers

 - SMS Alarm senders/controllers for cool room temperature monitoring and alarm

 - CO2 sensors and portable monitoring units

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Possible Solutions

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

ClimacheckThe ClimaCheck Performance-analyser is a specialised “intelligent” data collection unit specially developed to facilitate cost effective supervision of refrigeration and air-conditioning units together with the ClimaCheck software. The unit can determine the COP of a system by making simple temperature and pressure measuements and in combination with a power meter can determine system capacity.
SMS Alarm

SMS Alarm systems for cool rooms, refrigeration units and air conditioning plant. Simple low cost SMS alarm units can monitor system temperatures and or pressures and send an SMS alarm if parameters go outside acceptable limits

 Data LoggersETM Pacific can supply a range of data loggers from simple low cost temperature and humidity units through to multi-point radio data logging or LAN based systems for fully automated reporting of data.
Energy Logging SolutionsEnergy logging solutions include simple low cost 4 channel loggers for current measurement, through to sophisticated power logging instruments and auotmated metering via GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems.
CO2 SensorsETM Pacific is a distributor for SenseAir CO2 sensors, controllers and alarm units. CO2 sensors can be used in occupied spaces to reduce HVAC operating costs or in plant rooms and enclosed spaces for safety applications