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Irrigation Control

ETM Pacific's range of 2G GSM/GPRS and 3G UMTS/HSDPA modems can be utilised in irrigation control applications either simply as a communictions link to an irrigation control unit or PLC or as a simple controller in themselves, typical products and applications include;

 - MC35iT, ETM9350-1 and ETM9400-1 Terminals or ETM350C/450C Routers can be used to Communicate via SMS, CSD or IP to a PLC or Microprocessor/Irrigation Controller

 - ETM9570-1 or ETM9910-1 used to switch ON/OFF an irrigation system and /or confirm flow or other parameters

 - ETM9570-1 or ETM9910-1 used to gather data from field sensors such as temperature, humidity or soil moisture sensors

In addition the Webmaster Controllers can be used either as stand alone pumping system controllers or in conjunction with our modems and/or routers as remotely accessible pump control solutions that can be remotely accessed over the 3G/NextG network, issue SMS and/or email alarms and log data.

Irrigation Control
Possible Solutions

Irrigation Control

ETM Wireless Modems

2G GSM/GPRS or 3G UMTS/HSDPA modems can be used to communicate to PLCs or microprocessors used in irrigation control systems, the modems can then be used to re-program units or remotely control the systems. Commands can be issued and data retrieved either via SMS, CSD or an IP connection. Options include;

 - MC35iT 2G GSM/GPRS modem

 - ETM9350-1 2G GSM/GPRS modem

 - ETM9400-1 3G GSM/GPRS modem

Alternatively simple systems can be directly controlled through the use of our range of intelligent modems with I/O capability, these units provide a simple low cost alternative to complex PLC based solutions. Options include;

 - ETM9570-1 2G GSM/GPRS intelligent modem with 7 x I/O

 - ETM9660 2G GSM/GPRS intelligent modem with 21 x I/O

 - ETM9910-1 3G/NextG GSM/GPRS intelligent modem with 7 x I/O


ekoCALM solutions can be used to gather data such as soil moisture, water levels, flow rates or other parameters as well as to switch pumps or other devices ON/OFF.

 Webmaster ControllersIMSE Webmaster controllers can be used as stand alone pump control solutions or in conjunction with ETMs modems or routers to enable remote control and alarm applications