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IMSE WebMaster Controllers

IMSE ™ - Web based automation
Communication via TCP/IP-protocol is widely accepted and applies over the Internet or within local area networks. Abelko products take advantage of TCP/IP and network communications to provide flexible distributed automation solutions. By utising a web based user interface, advanced applications are easy to handle whether next door or across the world.

The IMSE ™ Webmaster series contains TCP/IP- based systems for monitoring, measuring, data logging and controlling a great variety of different sensors and actuators, the product line includes:

 - IMSE ™ Webmaster - 4 x Temp Input, 2 x Analogue Input, 6 x DI, 2 Anlalogue Output, 3 DO

 - PA Pro - 8 x Temp Inputs, 8 x Analogue Inputs, 8 x DI, 3 x DO

 - IMSE ™ Webmaster Pro - 8 x Temp Inputs, 8 x Analogue Inputs, 8 x DI, 8 x DO


Applications Include:

 - Controlling and regulating Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling Systems 

 - Pump control and/or alarm applications (irrigation pumps)

 - Remote Data Logging

 - Refrigeration system control, monitoring and performance analysis

  - Energy and Water Use Monitoring

 - Automated and Sub-Metering

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