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ETM9900/9560 Configuration Tool

I require a Configuration tool for an ETM9900-1 or ETM9560-1 Modem
Download the appropriate tool from the options below BUT BEFORE WRITING any configuration change to a modem use the instructions within the attached Quick Start Guide to ensure you are using the correct version. If you do not have the correct version either download the correct version from the options below or contact ETM Pacific.
Configuration tool ETM9560 9900 V03 05 04.zip697.29 KB
etm9xxx _x_ quick start guideV009.pdf620.88 KB
Configuration_tool ETM Modem V041000.zip724.38 KB
Configuration_tool ETM9560_9900 V040601.zip718.86 KB
Configuration_tool V12.10.zip614.15 KB
Configuration_tool ETM9560 v0209.zip682.67 KB

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