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Energy Logging

Solutions include simple low cost 4 channel loggers for current measurement, through to sophisticated power logging instruments and auotmated metering via GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems.

Possible Solutions

Energy Logging Comparison Table


Current Measurement


kW MeasurementkWhrs MeasurementLight SensorTemperature Sensor
Hobo U12 Data Loggers

Hobo U12-XXX Data Loggers

CT's can be attached for current measurement

Voltage Levels can be Input with Suitable Sensors

HOBO Energy Pro Logger

Hobo Energy Pro Data Logger

Wudl Data Loggers

Wudl or Wudl-PT Data Loggers

YesYes with Power MeterYes with Power MeterNoYes
 ekoCALMecoCALM...YesYes with Power MeterYes with Power MeterNoYes
Eltek GenII Radio Logging System

Eltek GenII Radio Data Logger

Individual transmitters can be used for Energy logging applications by connecting to CT's, Power Sensors and Electrical Meters.

Up to 250 points can be measured with transmitters sending data back to a central logging unit. Range up to 1000m

YesYes with Power MeterYes with Power MeterYesYes