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Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging System

The GenII system enables sensors to be connected to the Receiver Logger by means of a radio link. Using UHF licence exempt radio provides a very cost effective and practical alternative to wired or cabled-in systems.

Radio lends itself ideally to installations where communications across a river, road or even just a large site need to be established quickly and effectively. Using high specification radio means a range of several kilometers, if line of sight reducing to several hundred meters in difficult environments (such as a brick or stone building or one containing considerable steel work).

Since no cables are used there is a great deal of freedom to change the placing of sensors or move the complete system to another site, again without disruption or significant cost. 

Typical telemetry Applications Include:

 - Cold chain and warehousing including pharmaceuticals

 - Undersea cable laying (resistance measurement)

 - Monitoring items in Museums or Galleries

 - Monitoring Earth Moving Equipment

 - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Monitoring and/or Commissioning

 - Housing monitoring

 - Water, Gas or Electrical Meter Monitoring


Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging System Specifications
Type Eltek Loggers
Max No. Input Channels 250
Display LCD
Pulse Input(s) Yes
Analogue Input(s) Yes
Temperature Input(s) Yes
Interface Serial/USB Serial
Modem Connectivity Yes, ETM9560-1 or ETM9900-1 Recommended
Network Connectable - LAN/WAN No
Radio/Wireless Sensors Yes
SMS Alarm Capable Yes
Humidity Input Yes
Application Wireless Data Logging Solution for warehouses, minining, cable laying, environmental and housing monitoring
Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging System Images
Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging System
Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging System
Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging System