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Temperature Data Loggers, Multichannel Data Logging and Automated Monitoring Solutions

ETM Pacific provides a diverse range of data loggers for many different applications from simple temperature and humidity, pulse and water level logging through to fully automated cold room or warehouse monitoring systems. Typical applications include;

 - Indoor temperature and humidity logging of offices, housing and warehouses

 - Energy logging including simple current loggers through to kW and kWhrs logging systems 

 - Water level data loggers for bore holes, rivers, lakes, dams and tanks

 - Event logging

 - Water metering using event loggers, intelligent terminals for automated metering or radio logging systems

 - Fully automated warehouse monitoring systems using radio data logger or LAN/W-LAN loggers

Data logging brands sold by ETM Pacific Pty Ltd include;

 - Eltek multi-channel and radio data loggers

 - Grant Squirrel Data Loggers

 - Solve g-log Vibration Loggers

 - Elpro Data Loggers

 - Onset Hobo Data Loggers

 - ETM Data Loggers & Intelligent Terminals


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