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Comparison Table
ModelTypeMax No. Input ChannelsDisplayPulse Input(s)Analogue Input(s)Temperature Input(s)Interface Serial/USBModem ConnectivityNetwork Connectable - LAN/WANRadio/Wireless SensorsSMS Alarm CapableHumidity InputApplication
Elpro LIBERO PDF Temperature Data Logger®Elpro Loggers2YesNoNoYesUSBNoNoNoNoYesTransport Data Logging and Pharmaceutical Production/Storage/Research
Elpro Central Monitoring SystemsElpro Loggers4 or 8 (Individual Loggers) 100+ Points for Networked SystemYesNoYesYesUSB, Serial and EthernetNoYesYesYesYesAutomated Monitoring for Warehouses, Cold Storage or Pharmaceutical Production/Storage/Research
Elpro Ecolog 1-4 Channel Temperature and Humidity Data LoggersElpro Loggers4YesNoNo1-4 ChannelsRS232 SerialYesNoNoYesTH1 & TH2 ModelsTemperature & Humidity Monitoring for demanding applications, intrinsically safe models available
Elpro Hamster 1-2 Channel Termperature and Humidity Data LoggersElpro Loggers2Yes ET1-D, ET2 & EHT1NoNoYesRS232 SerialNoNoNoNoEHT1 ModelTemperature & hunidity logging, water resistant
Libero Ti1-D Dry Ice Data LoggerElpro Loggers1YesNoNoYesUSBNoNoNoNoNoDry Ice Shipments
Eltek GenII Radio Data Logging SystemEltek Loggers250LCDYesYesYesSerialYes, ETM9560-1 or ETM9900-1 RecommendedNoYesYesYesWireless Data Logging Solution for warehouses, minining, cable laying, environmental and housing monitoring
HOBO U12 1-4 Channel Data LoggersOnset Loggers4NoNoYesYesUSBNoYes using adaptorNoNoYesLow Cost 1-4 Input Data Logging
HOBO U20 Water Level and Water Depth LoggersOnset Loggers2NoNoNoYesUSB via Optic InterfaceNoNoNoNoNoWater depth loggers for bore holes, rivers, dams, lakes and tanks
HOBO UA-XXX-XX Pendant Data LoggersOnset Loggers2NoYes, event loggerNoYesNoNoNoNoNoYesOutdoor logging, shock logging, water metering
UTBI-001 Tidbit v2 Temperature Data LoggerOnset Loggers1NoNoNoYesUSB via Optic InterfaceNoNoNoNoNoUnderwater logging, transport logging, temperature data logging
H22-001 Energy Pro Data LoggerOnset Loggers15NoYes6 off 0-20mA or 4-20VYesRS232NoNoNoNoYesEnergy or Power Logging
g-log Vibration Data LoggersOnset Loggers3NoNoNoYesUSBNoNoNoNoYesTransport Vibration Logging, product development, analysis and testing
HOBO H21-002 Microstation Data LoggerOnset Loggers4NoYesYesYesSerialNoNoNoNoYesOutdoor monitoring, weather stations, water metering, rainfall logging